I could not recommend Kyle‘s ROCK U class more highly! Kyle is a fantastic, empathetic, and super smart teacher. He lays out the pop/rock world in such a clear and concise way that it doesn’t feel scary. In fact, he makes it feel exciting, doable, and really fun. Kyle has a wonderful ability in creating an open, encouraging, and safe space in his classes in which his students can truly make mistakes to grow and thrive. Kyle is also fantastic at explaining things from multiple different perspectives when a student isn’t grasping onto something immediately. Most importantly, Kyle is that teacher that really cares for his students and gets genuinely excited for their progress (both big and small steps).

ROCK U is unique in that Kyle has crafted a well thought out, technique-based class that gives students the tools to dissect the pop/rock world as a performer. His tools are digestible, actionable, and truly makes it so that anybody can sing and become their own inner rockstar. I would recommend Kyle‘s ROCK U class to anyone who has ever been afraid of singing pop/rock to those who already feel comfortable. There is so much to gain no matter where you are in your pop/rock journey.

ROCK U is a class that is unlike anything that I’ve experienced and witnessed in our industry. It should truly be a requirement of any training programs.


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